Submission guidelines

The final paper (maximum of 15 pages) should be submitted at the plataform SWGE as a zip file containing:

  1. A pdf file of the manuscript;
  2. The source of the manuscript, which can be the doc/docx file for Word or tex file for Latex. If the Bibtex was used, the bib or bbl files should also be included.
  3. The figure files numbered in the order that they appear in the article (eg. fig01.jpg, fig02.tif, etc…). It is recommended to use the JPEG and/or TIFF formats with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi for photos and 1200 dpi for line drawings.
  4. A signed copy of the permission request form (copyright) – word.

It should be formatted following the instructions in the provided templates (Latex or Word).

For further information, please contact SWGE Help Desk on +55 (34) 2589-2038 or